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Obsession du jour: Chain-linked platform SHOES.

Obsession du jour: Chain-linked platform SHOES.

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Snapshot: we [stomp] on barbies

Snapsho: we [stomp] on barbies

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0bsession du jour: the [cut-out] blue suede shoe.

meet: Gallista

She’s got an [unusual] name but hey! She’s an exotic blue suede pump! Isn’t she fantastic?! Lots of people have been ravin’ about this shoe in the yellow [hue] form but they’ve got it all wrong! –> its the Imperial blue thats taking over the scene!

She features [cut-out] designs in a fantastic blue fabric with a 5.5 inch sturdy heel & a 2.5 inch platform for [easy] walking! 😉 We’re used to it, right?

Get your pair HeRe!!

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