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Inked: Alice in Wonderland inspiration.

On a [random] note: Being a camille.ion means that you’re constantly thinking about your ink work & how you can make it badder, and bolder. [ah-ha!] the secret is revealed.

I’ve been thinking hard about what my [next] ink project will be, and I have decided on using Alice in Wonderland as inspiration to create my own [camille.ion] in wonderland story. 

#beyond excited 

ps. Looks like I need to get a tattoo money jar. asap. 

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inspiration: Marilyn Monroe


There is [no] woman on this planet that could ever compare to Marilyn Monroe. I firmly believe that, whether its sad that I do, or not.

She’s FUN, GLAM, STYLE, SOPHISTICATION, SEXY, & and a total badass.

I’ve actually been trying to find the perfect tattoo to show my obsession of her…stay tuned. 😉

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SPOTLIGHT: the [nail] nerd artist

^ corpse nails ^

^ Spring Leopard ^

^ Sailor Jerry Pin ups ^

^ V for Vendetta ^

Meet: the nail [nerd]

It is true, there are artists of [all] forms…and the creative genius behind The Nail Nerd is no exception. This girl can do anything, as a matter of fact, she accepts requests from her blog followers as to what to create next! [If that’s not versatility & skill, I don’t know what is!]

” Painting my nails is just about the best creative therapy. ”                – Nail Nerd

Check out her site for more inspiration or know-how. [ She offers free quick tutorials on some of her creations.] Based on her “About Me” section, she seems totally cool and definitely shows [signs] of a bonafide [camille.ion].

Link Love: The Nail Nerd

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