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snapshot: full [blown] nostalgia.

the [spiritual] freedom queen.

Link love:Hazy Blonde

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l00k of the day: braided buns & nirvana T’s.

The sun has [finally] begun to show itself and with that we need [short] shorts and vintage rock band tees.

I heart this look because its so simple but Wioletta Mary Kate adds [uber] cool features like:

  • a high bun braided fire red hairstyle 


  • a ear cuff chain that clips in her hair

as well as

  • her amazing modern take on the classic john lennon shades

to create a sort-of [relaxed] glam.

The outfit of a rockstar off-duty. Paparazzi, anyone?!

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vintage find: 70s ORNATE metal CHAIN bracelet

Today’s vintage find is the beautiful slinky metal chain bracelet. From the 1970s, its big, bold and bejeweled.

Gorgeous. a piece like this will definitely find its way in the [upcoming] camille.ion’s online shop. ❤

a true camille.ion would [without hesitation] rock this intricate chain bracelet during a hott summer’s day with the cutest summer dress paired with open-toe [slingback] platforms.

done deal.

*images belong to MakiMaki

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OBSESSION du jour: Unif’s [peignoir] tank dress

meet: the peignoir tank dress.

Today’s obsession du jour only reveals one photo. A photo that displays to us the [sickest] tank dress we have seen in…wait for it….forever. Unif has created a piece that supports are [intimate] underwear as outerwear.

What do i see?

a delicate dress that has [lace] detailing in the bustier with a long sheer [mesh] skirt that follows…

[pure] beauty.

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vtg beauty find: her [name] is agnes.

the vintage find of the day, no… week.

so today was [no] different…i was rummaging through [hundreds] of sites trying to find the perfect vintage [piece] to cover. and BAM! i found her!

her name is agnes.

& she’s a [set] of custom handmade vintage cowboy boots designed by Black.Thumbnail on etsy. Agnes features belts and fabric accents to make herself super original and [ridiculously] trendy at the same time.

Vive l’histoire! 😉

Get your custom made [pair] –> HERE!

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spring has sprung: snapshot [on] you.

….and we’re back after enjoying time [off] from school, traveling different countries with my visiting family…and of course, partying.

hello all, how’ve you been?

Link love: Invierno

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l00k of the day: the 15 [rolling] stone.

You [may] be wondering why “the 15 rolling stone”…i mean what the hell does that mean anyways? lol.

Ok… I’ll tell you. today’s camille.ion of the day with her [european] take on spring is only 15 years old. really. only 15 years old. i swear, she makes me feel im a million years old.

Nonetheless, Emi has awesome style giving us a new chic take on the classic shorts with leggings underneath. A loose [supermodel length] knitted long sleeve top gives us a feel of a casual cozi-ness…counter-balanced with black ankle boot platforms for glam.

Add a stylish hat, with a [vintage] silk scarf….and you’ve created a [hey! that girl has style] look!. 😉

link love: emi.coco

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