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L00k du jour: 3 LEGS = 3 looks.

L00k du jour: 3 LEGS = 3 looks.

awesome looks for the love of leggings.
Sh0p.Camille countdown – T- [less than a month]! haha

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L00K: leggings & [bomber] jackets.

L00K: leggings & [bomber] jackets.

Link love:  Sietske L.

… because we need more style like this in the world.

meet: Sietske, she’s a twenty [sumthin] fashion communicator from A-dam. #rad

What if I were to hint that SH3 (She’s a Camill3ion) would be offering these catwoman leggings S00n?

Mmm…I wonder.

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[camille.ion]: a [feature] in a story.

60,000 [total] visitors?!?!

i mean, this can’t be right…i attracted that many people with this [new] revival of vintage & fashion history. Being History & Creating History. The epitome of a new era of real-life[ rockstar] status. A life of glam & excitement.

From the bottom of my [humble] heart, i say thank you. you rock!

[love] camille

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inspiration: Marilyn Monroe


There is [no] woman on this planet that could ever compare to Marilyn Monroe. I firmly believe that, whether its sad that I do, or not.

She’s FUN, GLAM, STYLE, SOPHISTICATION, SEXY, & and a total badass.

I’ve actually been trying to find the perfect tattoo to show my obsession of her…stay tuned. 😉

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snapshot: full [blown] nostalgia.

the [spiritual] freedom queen.

Link love:Hazy Blonde

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l00k of the day: braided buns & nirvana T’s.

The sun has [finally] begun to show itself and with that we need [short] shorts and vintage rock band tees.

I heart this look because its so simple but Wioletta Mary Kate adds [uber] cool features like:

  • a high bun braided fire red hairstyle 


  • a ear cuff chain that clips in her hair

as well as

  • her amazing modern take on the classic john lennon shades

to create a sort-of [relaxed] glam.

The outfit of a rockstar off-duty. Paparazzi, anyone?!

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