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NEW: the [claw] cuff @ SHOP.CAMILLE

NEW: the [claw] cuff @ SHOP.CAMILLE

L0v3 this ring…seriously.
Its lightweight but has a look that’s major!

shop more styles at the spot – http://www.shopcamill3.bigcartel.com

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Inked: lady legs & doberman sophistication.

Inked: lady legs & doberman sophistication.

link love: Professional Ink Daily

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Snapshot: pink & [inked].

Snapshot: pink & [inked].

Shoutout – Emily.Johnston

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l00k of the day: [gypsy] lovechild.

frostier days are on their way to greet us. I kind of have this [love] hate relationship with it. Anyways, I found inspiration in Juliett.K from poland. She’s got [incredible] style & I think she totally nailed this fall/winter look. Im lovin’ the striped leggings & oversized cardigan look–a little tight with a dash of baggy. A perfect compliment to each other. And of course, the [studded] Moto boots–im [currently] obsessed with! Oh wait! and the [gypsy] knit cap is what [makes] the look come together. A look with a statement.

More of Juliett.K

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[camille.ion]: a [feature] in a story.

60,000 [total] visitors?!?!

i mean, this can’t be right…i attracted that many people with this [new] revival of vintage & fashion history. Being History & Creating History. The epitome of a new era of real-life[ rockstar] status. A life of glam & excitement.

From the bottom of my [humble] heart, i say thank you. you rock!

[love] camille

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