the new years [eve] dress.

meet: the 2013 dress. Every [end] year, i rush to find the perfect dress to bring in the new year. 2013 requires a dress that is elegant yet provocative. There is just something about how i feel about this new year coming up — [projects, projects & more projects], that is pushing me to pull off this type of look. We could think of it … Continue reading the new years [eve] dress.

obsession [du] jour: the [boho] bride.

We all dream of our special [happily ever after] i right? Well, i admit it…I call looking at beautiful vintage wedding pictures my getaway from the [drama] that is my life. This a made to order vintage [style] dress designed by Trendsetter Vintage. Its  elegant and mysterious — simply divine! How cool are you if you can pull off an [entirely] sheer ivory colored … Continue reading obsession [du] jour: the [boho] bride.