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snapshot: B L A C K OU T Collection.

snapshot: B L A C K OU T Collection.

Why is Shop. Camill3’s first collection of leggings called Blackout? Well, Black is the dopest color of all time, & it happens to be my favorite color so… [plus] the coolest leggings & shades come in black! đŸ˜‰

S h o p – http://www.shopcamill3.bigcartel.com

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SHOP.CAMILL3 [NEWS]: Camille.ions SHOP on Facebook!

SHOP.CAMILL3 [NEWS]: Camille.ions SHOP on Facebook!

We’re always on fb…whether you want to admit it [or] not!

I just made it easier for Camille.ions to SHOP for their favorite leggings & shades…

Like the page, Receive a free gift with ANY order!

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[LAUNCH]: happy birthday SHOP.CAMILL3!

These are [some] of my favorite images from the Shop.Camill3’s l00k00k for the launch…[wow, that was alot of L’s I feel like…] I hope you enjoy them, Alot of sweat & tears went into this project. Pt 1 – Stay tuned.

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I want to thank all of my family, friends and [boyfriend] for the support you have given me to  launch this thing. I do hope that [badass] girls love them because I do, and Im one of you. Models are: Heather Brock & Alaijsha Nikea — They are amazing and definitely camille.ions! And my artist/friend Josephine H for creating the L00kb00k of my [mini] dreams. Thank you.

Visit Shop Camill3


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