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NAIL ART: A [black] stiletto thing.


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SPOTLIGHT: the [nail] nerd artist

^ corpse nails ^

^ Spring Leopard ^

^ Sailor Jerry Pin ups ^

^ V for Vendetta ^

Meet: the nail [nerd]

It is true, there are artists of [all] forms…and the creative genius behind The Nail Nerd is no exception. This girl can do anything, as a matter of fact, she accepts requests from her blog followers as to what to create next! [If that’s not versatility & skill, I don’t know what is!]

” Painting my nails is just about the best creative therapy. ”                – Nail Nerd

Check out her site for more inspiration or know-how. [ She offers free quick tutorials on some of her creations.] Based on her “About Me” section, she seems totally cool and definitely shows [signs] of a bonafide [camille.ion].

Link Love: The Nail Nerd

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SPOTLIGHT: a hair [colorist] of many kinds.

meet: Warriors of Culture

i bring with [great] joy my little secret –> my personal hair colorist, Lindsey Barbie of Warriors of Culture. She is incredible with color and can pretty much do any combo that you can imagine in any [extension] length.

rainbows, ombres, & colored tips — oh my!

Lindsey has just completed an [ombre]  lilac color mix for me which im currently stalking my mailman for! 😉

Check out her etsy shop to make your custom order. Join the [eccentric] girl club of color!

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snapshot: full [blown] nostalgia.

the [spiritual] freedom queen.

Link love:Hazy Blonde

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Msg Alert: Keepin’ it [calm]…

hola everyone!

day 2: of the copenhagen ink festival TOP 10 “best tattoo” competition & man, has it been crazy! i am overwhelmed with the amount of support that everyone has shown me…even for something as simple as pressing “LIKE” on a FB picture. So i say, Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all of your acts of kindness.

For those of you who would like to join in and contribute their vote — PLEASE DO! It takes 5 secs (literally) & you’ve fulfilled your random act of kindness. 🙂

To vote, just click on the image!

And….Thanks 😉

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