ALERT: The round frames are in…

The Sunnies.

Famed in the 1970s, the [sunnies] became the hottest shades among the rockstars and ‘in’ people. [Im sure if we were growing up in the 70s, we’d be rocking the shit out of them then as well!]

I see those [round] frames and think PEACE. We need Peace, ROCK these!

Where to buy:
 Beaded Sunnies – ZeroUV
 Black & Gold Metals – Wildfox.Couture

SHOP.CAMILLE also has all black [glossy] sunnies for sale – $10! –

Obession du jour: the [crossover] mini-bag.




Meet the Fleet Ilya [tote] bag.

I came across this Indie Designer H.Lorenzo who made this [amazing] geometric, crossover bag. The shape is [super] unique and is definitely an [eye] catcher.

Whether you’re thinking to dress it up | or dress it [down] it really doesn’t matter!

This bag is just that good.

Pricey tag though – tell your BF’s/Hubby’s you want this as a bday or xmas present… eh?

More @ Fleet.Ilya

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L00K of the day: GLAM [in] the HEAT wave.

L00K of the day: GLAM [in] the HEAT wave.

Hot outside & Hot on the inside.

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SHE’S A CAMILLE.ION [says] “You See the Sign”.

I know I have been Faux-[pas]ing as a blogger…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and i took a stand today to get back in the [glam] lifestyle ring of blogging.
Life has truly whisked me away from blogging nice things, since doing [nice] things is better than writing about them. #LA #vegas haha

Seriously though, I’M BACK…

It is She — from She’s a Camille.ion

It is She -- from She's a Camille.ion

a quick pic of moi with this new hair color named 99j in Ombre. Its pretty bada**.


L00K OF THE DAY: [coral] denim & cabana hats.

L00K OF THE DAY: [coral] denim & cabana hats.

Love this look for a casual spring or [typical] LA day. The color Coral is very in this season — which is perfect because [everyone] looks good in this color.
Denim shorts with flowing floral scarves are always a great match and creates an instant CHIC look!


NEW: the [claw] cuff @ SHOP.CAMILLE

NEW: the [claw] cuff @ SHOP.CAMILLE

L0v3 this ring…seriously.
Its lightweight but has a look that’s major!

shop more styles at the spot –

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snapshot: B L A C K OU T Collection.

snapshot: B L A C K OU T Collection.

Why is Shop. Camill3’s first collection of leggings called Blackout? Well, Black is the dopest color of all time, & it happens to be my favorite color so… [plus] the coolest leggings & shades come in black! 😉

S h o p –

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