Ab0ut M3

About a young chick with a dream — a little fantasy that just so happens to be great for the environment while looking so fabulously [awesome] and [unique].

Thats my whole thing, im different…i expect for my world & my clothes to be different too! This is why i have created this blog to write about the happy and rough days of creating the eco/vtg clothing [online] shop: Camille.ion

:.Set to launch Fall 2012:.

Being a [camille.ion] is a lifestyle, not a trend or a fad ( something that will come and go)…its more of something that you just have in you! [almost] everything a true camille.ion would love will be featured on this blog, however random it may seem.

Remember, Random Is the New Black!  Come on, [dream] with me…

Now that you know a [little] about me…ask yourself, is there a [camille.ion] in you too?



7 thoughts on “Ab0ut M3

  1. Hello,
    My name is Robert Ganzaroli,
    Owner, Operator of
    in South Carolina,USA.

    I have a new venture that I am facilitating:
    this wll be running off of the
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    UNTIL 2011 WHEN IT WILL BECOME its own entity.
    Genre of Magazine will be Fashion, Photography, Art,
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    Would you be interested in contributing to the Magazine? Or Perhaps being an
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    Visit my Pages at http://www.aprphoto.com, all my contact info is there, and give me
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    Thank You,
    Robert Ganzaroli

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thanks for visiting my blog, i really appreciate it! Your new venture sounds extremely exciting–congratulations! I would be interested in helping out with the magazine (if time permits) no problem! send me an email at m.duperval07@gmail.com so we can speak more. Would love to have more news about it–sounds great!

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