l00k of the day: the 15 [rolling] stone.

You [may] be wondering why “the 15 rolling stone”…i mean what the hell does that mean anyways? lol.

Ok… I’ll tell you. today’s camille.ion of the day with her [european] take on spring is only 15 years old. really. only 15 years old. i swear, she makes me feel im a million years old.

Nonetheless, Emi has awesome style giving us a new chic take on the classic shorts with leggings underneath. A loose [supermodel length] knitted long sleeve top gives us a feel of a casual cozi-ness…counter-balanced with black ankle boot platforms for glam.

Add a stylish hat, with a [vintage] silk scarf….and you’ve created a [hey! that girl has style] look!. 😉

link love: emi.coco

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2 thoughts on “l00k of the day: the 15 [rolling] stone.

  1. stilishbabe says:

    she dresses fantastic and she’s so pretty.I’m 18 and I’m still searching for my style and she already seems to have all figured it out! WOW!

    • haha! yea she’s fantastic. Im 24…still young and vibrant! finally ive realized that my style is constantly changing…there is not ONE set style for me & i think thats what counts! keep searching! — you’ll find it! 😉

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