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vtg beauty: the avant-garde [flapper] dress.

meet: the vtg 80s [tassle] mini dress.

I found this beauty yesterday from one of my all-time [favorite] vintage shops, Nimble Dress Betrayls….and WoW, is she gorgeous!!

I would [totally] wear this to a friends bday party, a launch party, or a nice dinner with the boyfriend. The dress is so elegant and fun!

It features crochet fabric, a [deep] V neckline, and an asymmetrical hem…The [best] part is its my favorite color: metallic taupe and above all — the fringe!!! The fringe is [absolutely] everywhere! 🙂

Too Glam. ❤

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L00k: camille.ion [guy] of the day.

meet: Andrea

He’s a [hottie] italiano who’s a perfect 24 years old. He’s got a very cool, very stylish fashion blog that features all of his daily looks. And must i say…LOVE! why can’t all guys express their [personal] style like this??

All [hearts] this whole look. i mean, seriously.

Check out his blog –> Not Just For

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obsession [du] jour: coco de [coeur] T’s.

meet: coco de coeur.

I am a sucker for graphic tees [mainly vintage ones] but i couldn’t resist the eye-catching, quick mouth-ed [awesome] T’s made by the label coco de coeur. Usually, i only feature just 1 product and [rave] about it…but i just couldn’t help myself this time! I would totally rock all 3 of these shirts which are all UNISEX and have [witty] phrases on them such as: bad girls don’t cry, and im the wild one…a definite must-have in the wardrobe and the price is ridiculous– $35 bucks 🙂

yea, go get um’ –> Coco de Coeur

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l00k of day: mickey glasses & [vtg] everything.

This is what [vintage] everything looks like—its never looked so good! 😉 This is Yamilla, a camille.ion who sports the [infamous] mickey glasses, with all vintage attire minus the Karl bag. This is the perfect [every] day look. a sort of, laid-back vtg chic.

link <3: Yamilla

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l00k of the day: [rock] princess.

I [super] love this look. its like the perfect look of a rock princess with a mix of edge + feminism. meet angela.R, she’s a [trendsetter] from Madrid with mega style. Its true, its freezing outside but angie found a way around that to still pull off her look. awesome Leather jacket. check. studded jeffrey campbell litas. check. and a laced [tulle] full skirt with layers for days…Check!

She’s definitely a [camille.ion] in all sense of the word. rock on!

snapshot: the [masked] kitten girl.

snapshot: the [masked] kitten girl.

link love: nut-ella @ tumblr.

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