2011 + 1= [happy] new years.

2011 — the [last] day that camille.ion blogs for the year. Another year has flew bye with such great memories, personal growth, stronger visions and even bigger dreams. [notice how i only speak about the good things] lol. But man, 2011 was the year that i found the love of my life, i became more mature, i became more ambitious, & even more glam.

So [farewell] 2011, and welcome 2012–please be good to us. 2012 has a good ring to it–i feel like epic moments are going to be had, [crucial] decisions will be made, and life’s dreams will come true.



the badass gone glam.


One thought on “2011 + 1= [happy] new years.

  1. Sadé says:

    Right on! Happy 2012 MeMe!!

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