camille.ion in [maxi] stripes: photo.story

the [maxi] skirt. what a perfect long streched piece to flaunt during the summer season. i particularly like wearing them for [early] dinner time where you can feel a sweet breeze on your skin. anyhow, for this photostory…my little 10 year old sister wanted to go outside to take pictures, so i figured…why not take a few photos of the outfit i had on for this day! (considering, i had just featured a maxi skirt for the “look of the day” a couple of days ago.)

What i wore…a mini striped black & beige maxi skirt (h&m), blush pink tank (h&m), men’s tuxedo jacket (zara), platform open toe sandal (charlotte russe), sunglasses (backstock 80s vintage). the awesome part is that the total cost for this fit’ was less than $200 bucks! 🙂

disclaimer: sorry for the lack of makeup this time around. haha! my Mac [russian] red lipstick stole the show this time around.


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