camille.ion’s 10th [month] bday!

10. 10. 10 months! How many days is that? How many hours? ….that i have spent creating this blog and nurturing it into something that i want it to be…something that i need for it to be! Almost at 18,000 visitors, can you wrap your head around it? I mean, i can’t. i still cant. and i am the one writing the words that appear on your screen.

0ne more month closer to becoming a year. who would have known that more than 10,000 people would even come across this blog? What is it that draws you in…i wonder?! In 10 months, i have featured unknown artists, have explored new areas of fashion and have loved. and re-loved [non] mass-marketed clothes, shoes and accessories.

And guess what? I have only just begun.

[camille.ion] is still a baby.

a flourishing, eager, bold baby.

– melo


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