sketchbook: fashion illustrator leigh.viner

meet: leigh viner

She’s a bonafide jack of all trades in terms of fashion and design. Why i say this? Well, she’s [obviously] a fashion illustrator, but also a photograher, painter, and make up artist! Leigh [hails] from Denver, Colorado born and raised and actually still residing there creating [mind blowing] work but she does have dreams of owning a home in europe! (i mean, who wouldn’t?) And…And she’s mostly [self taught], despite taking some drawing & art classes to better her skills, which is [inspirational] to all of us who have big dreams and the motivation to go after them!

I love to bring a lot of emotion into my work recapturing those little moments in my life. Some are precious and small others hard and sad. Human stuff you know 😉 –leigh viner

All the images above are [of course] property of Leigh.Viner. To check out more of her portfolio click on her name [above] and to purchase some of her work click HERE to visit her etsy shop! enjoy.


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