photographer alert: 16 year old [anne he]

meet: anne. he

She’s a talented up-and-coming [fashion] photographer from dallas, texas. I was introduced to her works while visiting another blog that i frequently [stalk] and thought that her portfolio was great! and get this, she’s only 16!

Ann definitely has a knack for composition and lighting as you can tell with some of her pictures i have featured here. I’m really diggin’ the [long] exposure shots the most…it gives off this [nostalgic] feel to it like as if you were looking at some old Polaroids.

This young photographer is on the right road to success. she’s self-taught, determined, talented, and fearless. I won’t be surprised to see her works [soon] in our beloved independent magazines that we love so much!

discover [anne.he]’s online portfolio HERE


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