hooray: camille.ion [turns] 9 months!

Hooray! Celebrating 9 [exciting] months of the She’s a [camille.ion] blog! Oh, how the time sneaks by. Anyhow, i figure today i make things a little interesting by offering:

9 aspects of a [true] camille.ion

1. Her favorite color isn’t even a color at all, its leopard. But for the hell of being normal she’ll say she loves black too.

2. She loves cupcakes or beef jerky or maybe even both.

3. She won’t wear anything that spells out the word: “cool” or “fashionista” on it.

4. Likes for the guys that she likes to have impeccable style too.

5. Believes in Karma. like, whole-heartedly.

6. She doesn’t wear sneakers. like never.

7. She laughs at people [who think they’re fashionable] just because they match colors together from head to toe.

8. She most [probably] smokes or does like other things. wink wink

9. She has [absolutely] no idea how cool she actually is.

Happy Happy Birthday Camille.ion & thank you to all the visitors who swing past to check to see what new [stuff] im rambling on about !




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