[camille.ion] girl of the day: rock-rebel, taylor.momsen

taylor momsen as the [camille.ion] girl of the day. i dont know exactly who she is or what she does (and frankly i dont care that much) but what i DO know is that she has an insane style that is worth talking about. a kind of rock-rebel. always a show-stopper whens she steps onto the streets and [also] the fact that she has this [healthy] infatuation with thigh high stockings and half tied [military] boots.

plus rock rebels are always talked about. whether good or bad. or more bad than good but hey! thats part of being a [camille.ion] that rules the world as her own.

PS. I am currently on vacation–> in sunny florida (after 16 hours of flying) visiting my amazing family so my blog posts may be sporadic and [non] existent but just know that i will post when i can! 😉


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