obsession [du] jour: a vintage [book] clutch by Andi.

pics courtesy of Hoakonhelga online etsy shop

In Love With This Book Clutch by Hoakonhelga of etsy.

It was once well, [kinda] still is a HighRoads School Edition Dictionary that Andi (the designer) has revamped into an incredible [cant-stop-staring] book clutch. And its lined with the [sweetest] black & white polka dot fabric on the inside.

Made of vintage materials with added [modern] features such as an inside pocket to hold your essentials when you take this brilliant piece out for the night.

It. Gets. Better –> The designer even includes some of the original remnants of the book for your safe-keeping! For Ex, for this book in particular…it was owned by a [4th grader] who drew race cars on the front page [out of boredom] im sure. hehe But how awesome, is that??

Everything about this is truly one-of a-kind! handpicked, & handmade by Andi in her studio in Alberta, Canada.

visit her etsy shop for all her other [fantastic] pieces HERE


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