[rawr]: the animal in us.

via tumblr: youroneofus


3 thoughts on “[rawr]: the animal in us.

  1. Sadé says:


    I love your commentary…I want more commentary!! >:O Why did you post this picture? What does this mean to you? I’d like to know what about this pique’s your interest.

    Ms. Cleo

    • Ms. CLEO!! how ya beennn?? 🙂

      Thanx about the “loving the commentary” comment. I really appreciate it. Its more me just thinking, or typing rather out loud. Why i posted this picture with now words. well, you know there are days where a picture can truly mean a thousand words?!? today was one of them. also, i really love to see what people can conjure up on their own about the same image that we all see. we perceive differently.
      For me, It means being strong, fierce, and relying on our instincts. letting all the excess be what it is…excess. I see this picture and i think “warrior”. a warrior of life.
      What does it mean to you? 😉

  2. Sadé says:

    I totally get that from her…warrior…warrior if life…when I look at this I think…”…I’m quiet and subdued but never boring; graceful, very much a lady and yet I’m not afraid to get down and dirty (and I’ll still look sexy)…” she’s not vying for our attention yet she commands it…our unique selves speak volumes…strip down to your unique self.

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