[throwback] editorial: Indie Mag’s “Shoot the Runner”

One of my favorite [editorial] shoots in Indie Magazine circa gasp! 2009. Pure Brilliance starting with the title “shoot the runner”–> seriously? What type of ensembles would you create for this shoot based on this concept alone?? hehe. And [secondly], the editorial is in noir et blance which equals, well, ya know..classic beauty with an exuberance of boldness in this case. Look how [vividly] the intricate details of the clothes stand out with no color at all!>!

Model: Amy.Wesson, Photographer: Tina.Luther, Stylist: Mira.Uszkureit


2 thoughts on “[throwback] editorial: Indie Mag’s “Shoot the Runner”

  1. genevieve says:

    one of my favourite shoots. also in your description it says you are schizophrenic, this is a totally different thing to split personality, bi- polar is having two personalities, commonley mixed up 🙂 xxx

    • LoL. yes it is a great shoot. and yes i know the difference between schizophrenia and split personality as well as bi-polar disorder. double majored in International communications & psychology!. 😉 I made the description like that on purpose…to make fun of how much of a mess i can be. 😉 But thanks for trying to help! xX

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