obsession du jour: kailynn.brae’s [PARLA] eyewear collection

:. Neck-Glasses :. This pearl chain[ed] eye-wear piece comes in both black & white colors with a 72′ inch long string of pearls. The creative designer, Kailynn Brae makes this design long enough to wrap around your neck in 3 [stylish] layers.

An [oversized] beauty deluxe of crystal and pearl. Be a diva in these…according to K, “They are seriously shiny!!!” Available in black & white!

The snapshot of this particular model does not do these sunglasses justice!! A sweet combination of crystal, lace, and pearl. The lace provides this soft look while the crystal adds a shine of light for that extra feel of glam.

For the Upcoming Collection: Kailynn gave me a hint–the magic word is “Industrial“–> how fun?!?!


Honestly, [camille.ion] loves every single piece in the new PARLA collection that Kailynn has created for us. They are just so unique and beautiful that it automatically causes your eyes to see stars! ( I think that’s a plus, don’t you??)

I know you are SO ready to get your very own sunglasses for yourself so….GO. BE FREE…Let me do the pleasure of directing you straight to K.Brae’s online SHOP!

You’re Welcome & Yes. I know. You Love Me.



2 thoughts on “obsession du jour: kailynn.brae’s [PARLA] eyewear collection

  1. Jane says:

    ooooooooooooh these may be the best shades I have ever seen, I need some!!! Thank you for posting.

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