camille.ion girl [ashanti]: a mix of funk & indie.

I present you a [camille.ion] girl to celebrate [She’s a Camille.ion]’s 7th Month Birthday! hooray!

meet: Ashanti.

She’s an almost 19 year old chocolate-skinned beauty who has a style so unique on its own. What i love most about A’s style is that she tends to mix funki-ness with the proper.

What. Does. This. Mean?

Well, think of it as polar-opposites. So…Ashanti will wear a fitted jessica simpson [plaid] blazer (as pictured above) and will match it with oversized hoop earrings and an edgy hair do’. She’ll keep her make-up nice, neat and simple but then will add some [full of glam] eyelashes to accentuate her face. EVERYTHING. and i mean, everything is ALWAYS in balance. <– Mind you, these are just random examples…but you get where im coming from, right? 😉

Ps. we did this [on the spot] photoshoot while at work—we were on our break, if anyone asks!!! ha ha!



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