obsession du jour: ‘audrey’ a [velvet] skirt by redrock.fashion

How amazing is this 80s vintage-inspired [velvet] skirt (shown in purple, but also available in lime, & hot pink)?!?

REDROCK. FASHION is the [british] fashion label to blame for this eye-popping piece. Made of [crushed] velvet with a high waist-band to allow us to dress up or dress down the skirt to our liking, of course!

I can just picture the perfect outfit for this skirt in my head already…am i crazy? I am thinking a paper THIN graphic vintage tee [tucked] away into the velvet to allow for a draped metal belt (perhaps with a few layers) to finish it off with the [killer] new Creeper Wedge by Maurie & Eve–> lookie HERE!


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