interview alert: luxe handbag line SAKU [via] malaysia

camille.ion is sittin’ on the edge of her seat about the debut collection of exotic leather handbag line–> Saku (pronounced, sah-koo). Deriving from the Malay [noun] for pocket, Saku offers distinct handcrafted pieces that can easily find themselves for day, night, business or play. (how camille.ion is that?? ready for any situation!).

The newly-created line has put focus on luxe, edge, and plush for its debut collection showcasing incredible python skins, soft leathers, and even the [all-time] chic: patent leather.

read [below] of what saku’s creator, Nadia.Tengku had to say

[camille]: what types of textiles do you use for your bags?

[Saku]: I use only leathers and exotic skins. Mostly nappa and python skins. I believe in crafting the bags and letting the skins be the main focus. The bags are hand crafted by our artisans and the creation of each bag has been centred on designs that take full advantage of the beautiful natural grain and texture of carefully selected exotic skins and leathers sourced worldwide.

[camille]: why you decided to create a handbag collection?

[Saku]: Back from my studies abroad I realised that there a gap in the Malaysian market for well crafted bags in leather and skins that was accessible. There were only the high end international designer brands ,all foreign labels, or poorly crafted mass produced copies in faux leather and skins. This gap in the market soon became an obsession and I was convinced that there had to be a way to afford every woman the joy of toting exotic skin and gorgeous leather bags everyday instead of only special occasions. Determined to fill this gap for accessible luxury and with my love for  design and texture, (I have always designed my own dresses and traditional wear as a young girl that this was  a natural extension for me ), I decided that I would start my own bag label. I choose the name saku the Malay noun for pocket/bag to reflect my Malaysian heritage and essence of the label and the tagline pockets that go places to sum up the philosophy and ambitions of the brand.

[camille]:  why you think your bags are unique?
[Saku]: saku bags are unique because they are made with you in mind. The same way you are multi faceted, so are saku bags. The designs are timeless yet edgy, chic yet playful and can take you literally from day to night and of course play!  Saku pieces have pockets, compartments and detachable straps so you can carry it in more ways than one.

[camille]: where can people by them?
[Saku]: Right now we are retailing at a multi brand boutique called Maizen ( ) in Kuala Lumpur. Our online store will be up soon enough ( )  it’s still at the testing stage and we will be shipping internationally in January. We are also going to be in more stores in Asia soon and hopefully in the States too.

[camille]: why you think a camille.ion (my readers) would love your bags?
[Saku]: I think camille.ions will like my bags because a saku bag allows you to be you, however you feel like on that day. Casually chic or dressed up for a party,dressed up, dressed down, it complements your lifestyle, your already fabulous life and clothes and completes your look the way a a good fashion accessory or fine piece of jewellery does. Every camille.ion wants a beautiful bag no? 🙂

Check out the rest of Saku’s debut collectionHERE!


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