the interview: ferocious bloggers [anniieemal]

:: read into the [minds] of fashion bloggers behind [anniieemal] ::

my style consists of….ridiculously high shoes, a lot of black, and at the moment a lot of prints and patterns– anniieemal

when a fashion piece catches my eye it’s usually because…unique or see through and lace (haha)

im in love with animals because… they bring us so much joy.

the coolest fashion era was…. the swinging 60’s – mini skirts, body suits, second hand vintage pieces and the in the 1940’s (haute couture)

if i were a fashion designer i would… create well made, beautifully structured, individual pieces. well made is the main priority

my favorite pair of shoes are – i can’t even answer this, there are too many.

on my wishlist is… the alexander wang football clutch, the proenza fur jumper, the balmain jacquard jacket, isabel marant skirt.

a secret about fashion that you must share is… trends don’t always suit you.

when speaking about fashion, the words used too much are….“amazing” and “i die to wear that”.

3 words that describe my fashion blog is…. celine annie and love



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