[sacred geometry] Ss10 collection: darkness & hidden desires

Though I see myself as anything but mystic I must admit I have fortunately been spellbound by sublime moments over the past two years that inspired me to explore, learn and challenge myself personally and creatively. – Elena.G

humanity. nature. & culture are the themes that ARE the foundation of creative designer, elena gallen–> spring/summer 2010 collection. I must say that it is a collection that has far surpassed the everyday [know-hows] of fashion…almost so that you could very much call it a dark yet conceptual art collaboration. (And we all know how we camille.ion’s love dark matters.)

hidden desires, overwhelming mysteries against [moon-landscapes] with smoke provide us with some-sort of darkened dream…the kind that makes you want to wonder [aimlessly] forever.

Elena masterfully shows us how interconnected science & the elements are [instinctively] who we are and who we will become.

What’s in store for the new line of tees? Think : [simply] or complexly–> geometry. fractal patterns, twisted collage designs, and of course, the cosmos!!

pure. beauty.

Check out her E-shop to see for yourself: Sacred.Geometry


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