That’s [ms.] scissorhand [boots] to you.

stop. think back. to the [movie] “edward scissorhands” circa 1990. are you remembering yet? Australian designer, Kate Carnegie surely remembers it…drawing inspiration from  mr.scissorhands aka. johnny depp’s  dark persona with scissors for hands dressed with (what seems like) millions of leather straps and buckles.

–> katie has released [probably] one of THE most wild & sexiest knee-high boots to date. (Im just waiting to see renditions of this masterpiece on the runways.) Constructed with high quality [gorgeous] leather as a base, a total of 20 [count them]  buckled straps add pizzaz to the already [perfect] boot. Don’t let the complicated, intricate piece fool you, Katie kept comfort in mind making the scissorhand: a non-slip, [no-buckling necessary] design.

the scissorhand[s] are a steal for just $600 AUD. –> Read to be strapped in? –> [pre]-order your boots with the designer. email her at:

stand in the [long] cue with the rest of us for SCISSORHAND’s debut. 😉


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