2010: was it all a dream?


Can’t believe its already the last day of the year. Oh, how the time flies bye. So fast, that it scares me to think about it.

Reflections. the good & the bad flood me like overwhelming emotions.

looking back.

random things. 2010. –> living in milan, hating it. having [crazy] addictions. overcoming them. being in love. [unfortunately], falling out of it. Learning what I wanted to do with my life (hooray for the camille.ion line). figuring out what the word ‘entrepreneurship’ means. ha! loving my family. loving them even more. turning 23. go [figure] 23. shaving my hair off. looking like a boy. feeling like the most gorgeous girl around. ahhh yes, the [cut]. –> this ridiculous list could go on forever. i’ll spare you all the crazy details.

2010. adios. –> 2011, bienvenue. i look forward to seeing what is [yet to come]. SO shall we? To Another year of [not] following the trends.

Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy & Be Safe.

cheers, melo.


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