[top] camille.ion guy: aundre.W–> “confidence pours from my pores”

My idea of a camille.ion [guy] is some one who’s style matches his thought process. His mind changes based on his mood of that particular month, week, day, hour…minute second. He is fresh in style, young at heart and daring in his eyes. Confident and proud in his look and unafraid of challenging the color and pattern pallet.


the most ultra [haute-indie] business partnership/friendship you’ll ever see. A+M

I think i am a camille.ion [guy] because my confidence pours from my pores.

my style is my own.

sometimes you have seen it before and sometimes you haven’t but one thing is for sure……

you have not seen it until you have seen it on me! —Dre


What Aundre is wearing: –>

Shirt: Paul & Shark – Vest is Scotch & Soda – Watch and Scarf are Diesel – Pants: Levi’s – Boots by Fitzwell

Don’t I have the most incredible business partner ever? Yes, i Know. Im super lucky, but its also great news for you too fellow camille.ions, the [camille.ion] mini label will be that much more awesome when it makes its debut with Aundre by my side.

–> so get familiar with A.W because sooner than you know it….every time you will see me–> you will see him too! haha!



One thought on “[top] camille.ion guy: aundre.W–> “confidence pours from my pores”

  1. Aundre says:


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