nuno.dacosta: a self-taught fashion & beauty illustrator that captures [vtg] technique

say hello to : nuno [dacosta]

a london based, self-taught illustrator who specializes in fashion & beauty. (yea, i figured i should re-iterate my title to this post because some people tend to ignore it!) haha.

Nuno’s Style: usually falls within 2 special categories –> 1. done in color or 2. simply in black and white.

His technique: hand drawn, painted with water colours, and Gouache and then scanned, retouched and painted on Photoshop –> (WoW, talk about ways to perfect your craft!)

On Nuno’s resume: (to include) Vogue, Wonderland, and Marie Claire Magazines, L’Oreal Professional, Clinique, & Max Factor

>> my love for fashion illustrators continues…i ❤ dacosta’s [designs] especially because they remind me of the vintage fashion magazines! (back when things used to be hand-drawn!) <<

j’aime. j’aime beaucoup.


3 thoughts on “nuno.dacosta: a self-taught fashion & beauty illustrator that captures [vtg] technique

  1. Aundre says:

    Its beautiful to see the craft alive and well! Nuno’s technique is amazing! Well done camille.ion…..well done!

  2. Thank you so much for posting my work! I am really pleased you like it :-))
    All the best from London,
    N x

  3. Your work is amazing, Nuno! You are ridiculously talented!!! Thanks so much for visiting [she’s a camille.ion] blog! I am all smiles right now!


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