[T][V][G] shows camille.ion how to be: sophisticated, successful, & spoiled

My dear camille.ion readers, please [note] that this post about the new exotic accessory brand: TVG will blow your mind and will have you wanting to be even sexier & more deadly than you already are.

Shall we continue?

meet: Tess Van Ghert

TVG is a new luxury designer label on the market gracing us with [beyond] beautiful exotic leathers formed in classical shapes that scream individuality and the empowerment of the female species. My first glance at the accessories line made my mouth utter the words “fierce”, “sexy”, and “glamorous”–> a deadly combination for the sophisticated woman.

Tess Van Ghert will offer a range of luxurious accessories to include: handbags, clutches (my obsession), belts, suspenders (!), and leather bracelets. And of course, only the best being offered to their spoiled consumers: the classic—“Made in Italy”. (If that is not an automatic stamp of approval, I don’t know what is!)

I’ll go ahead and let the pictures [speak] for themselves….

There’s no denying it, the TVG line is full of elegant beauty, BUT Which one is [Camille.ion]’s favorite?

I have the pleasure of introducing to you —> The Boho Python [oversized] handbag in a [rich] blue color.

“Whatever Lola wants….Lola Gets!”

—> listen to the rest of this [old] glamour ballad while browsing through the rest of TVG’s collection at the official Tess Van Ghert website!

>>camille.ion gracefully thanks Augusta Pokrovskaya for the images. Congrats on the new [incredible] line<<


One thought on “[T][V][G] shows camille.ion how to be: sophisticated, successful, & spoiled

  1. Love the satchel bag 😀
    check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ 🙂

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