new [friend] alert: make-up artist [andrea.sheehan] chats w/ camille.ion

meet: Andrea.Sheehan

a [creative] gal with an insane flair of style and fashion. Born & raised in the U.K, Andrea [grabs] her inspiration/direction from the SUPERMODEL [era] with model goddess’ Linda Evangelista & Naomi Campbell as her favorites!

Her make-up [work] has been featured so far in: Vanity Fair, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, GQ –> the list goes ON! This girl is beyond gifted.

Andrea’s portfolio gets even more impressive –> she’s performed wonders with her [picture-perfect] abilities with all things make-up.

Celebrity [bombshells] Andrea has been an make-up artist to:

Donatella Versace, Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ivana Trump, Mischa Barton, and even the original [devil wears prada] Anna Wintour herself! (i should add that this is just a short list of Andrea’s long incredible resume)

Camille.ion was able to have a short chat with Andrea and this is what we talked about:

[camille]: Who is Andrea Sheehan?

[A.S]: Andrea Sheehan is  a very hard working girl, gypsy @ heart .


[camille]: When did you realize you loved the world of make-up?
[A.S]: As soon as i started looking at Vogue and Elle in the mid nineties.
[camille]: Do you have any formal training? like cosmetology school?
[A.S] Yes i did a theatre and film special effects / hair / wig making course at Stamford college UK
[camille]: What’s the best thing about being a make-up artist?
[A.S]: Being able to travel to the most beautiful locations in the world and having a new challenge  and working with different people everyday.
[camille]: What is a make-up “faux pas”? ( what women shouldn’t do…)
[A.S]: Women often tend to mistake tones and colours .
[camille]: The best way to remove make-up?
[A.S]: A perfume free cleanser and for eye makeup ,eye make up remover which contains some oil.
[camille]: What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on so far?
[A.S]: Ive done so many its hard to say …i love to work on the shows but i also love a good swimwear catalogue on a Carribean island .
[camille]: Any projects in the near future?

[A.S]: I have to design a makeup for an Italian Magazine with a 70s disco feeling.


[camille]: The best mascara on the market?

[A.S]: I love Max factors thick brush variety and Dior show

—-the end—-

** Check out the rest of Andrea’s eye-popping online portfolio HERE!

[she’s a camille.ion] would like to thank Andrea for allowing to be featured!





2 thoughts on “new [friend] alert: make-up artist [andrea.sheehan] chats w/ camille.ion

  1. Melanie C says:

    That was pretty cool. I just love make-up!

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