[camille.ion] to clean out [some] of her closet [full] of treasures & [sell] them!

You know, I’m really not as bad as i seem to be…i mean, i have alot of “stuff” but they all have a particular meaning to me! 🙂


It is true. Its about that [time] to do the whole [out] with the old and [in] with the even older, i mean New! hahah –> hey! im a vintage lover, what gives?


I shop on ebay alot of times for my vtg treasures and have decided to sell a few of my items on there as well. If you want, Take a look! I put the [starting] prices super-low because we ALL want a bargain, non?

DESIGNER—>Vtg FIRE red SMOOTH leather LONG strap handbag –> MADE in ITALY –> Buy It Now: $35.00

SUPER [loved] for a long time now—> AUTHENTIC Balenciaga bag UP for Grabs! Buy It Now Price is: $ 375.00

And of course, the first PROTOTYPE of the upcoming [camille.ion] line –> the shredded back tee!! Buy it NOW price is: $69.99

Go ahead and take a look, maybe you’ll see something you’ll like! 🙂

ps. if you really do fancy something just send me a message!



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