camille.ion [dares] to wear –> menswear label of [hidden] sexual fantasies.

Meet: Segreto.London

–> a designer menswear T-shirt collection that communicates heavily with its graphic “1 of a kind” designs. (2009) Barely over 1 years old– segreto has jumped into the market by offering us [wicked] style and art mixed with our deepest and [most] hidden sexual fantasies. How incredible?

What’s fantastic and super unique about the brand is that it mainly focuses on creating [limited edition] collaborations with uber-creative artists (from all over the globe) who use their incredible eye and skills to portray the sexuality of mankind. [totally.epic]

There’s MORE –> The creative [brain] behind the label: Sofya Devyatova agreed to play the “Finish the Sentence” game with Camille.ion–> it was much fun!

–> check it out!

[camille.ion]: 3 words that describe your t-shirt collection… [S.D] Expression, Passion, Artsy

[camille.ion]: when i have an idea for a design I…[S.D] call my fashion illustrators or e-mail them, or both…..non -stop till they answer me and digest……Teo (one of my illustrators and a good friend says im a crazy woman)

[camille.ion] i decided to start the brand because…[S.D] i wanted to finally give an ability to men to express themselves in a daring way

[camille.ion] my worst fear is…[S.D] that people will think i have hidden problems with men, or women – or both….hehe i really don’t! this is how i see the reality

[camille.ion] my designs are for people like… [S.D] me! who aren’t afraid to express whatever they have in mind.

[camille.ion] in 2011, i am going to be…[S.D] same, but cooler….waaaay cooler…bigger, better…..and bit more daring!!!

[camille.ion] im the kind of artist that…[S.D] pushes boundaries, experiments and goes crazy from time to time

[camille.ion] a camille.ion girl would wear my collection because…….[S.D] she thinks unisex is the way forward, freedom is what she lives off and individuality is what others envy her for….

the verdict: It is true. Camille.ion‘s are [daring] enough to make this all men’s (limited edition) graphic tee collection into a unisex extravaganza!

What are we waiting for? I am already putting my first order in –> i can only imagine how many outfits i can create just off [of] one of’s pieces of art!

Start your collection of sexually [provocative] tees now click: Segreto London

–> Thanking my new friend, (master behind the label), Sofia for giving me the opportunity to feature you and of course for the [great] runway pictures!!



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