[Flair]’s exclusive t-shirt collection makes camille.ion girl [shine]

There’s a [fairly] new, (as in 2009 new), designer t-shirt on the market named FLAIR. This [ultra] feminine label features exclusive tees & (lovely) accessories made for ladies like you and me–> who are made to shine! What’s sweet & unique about these pieces is that they are embellished with the finest materials (swarovski crystal, anyone?) so its NOT like your average “fake-crystal” graphic tee you can find at your local store for 10 bucks! hehe.

I had a few moments with Flair’s designer, [Alexandra.Westfal] and this what i asked her:

camille: why did you decide to design an exclusive t-shirt collection?

flair: The idea of making an exclusive 2-in-1 piece combining a simple t-shirt and an amazing accessory came spontaneously just in front of a jewelry shop. Inspired by magnificence of diamonds, I always wanted to make luxury look affordable for every woman. Each piece of the collection is handmade and has its own mood.
Flair T-shirts give a chance to look elegant and feel yourself special anytime anywhere!

camille: The perfect outfit with a “Flair” tee is…..???

flair: According to the event the perfect outfit may differ. It is casual with jeans, formal with a suit or an evening with classic trousers or a pencil skirt.

camille: Why would a camille.ion girl like your collection?

flair: Camille.ion girl will fall in love with Flair collection, because it is so unique! And who doesn’t want to look graceful and fashionable all the time? M? 🙂

well camille.ions you have got my verdict! I am a skeptic when it comes to embellished products but Flair’s tee collection is so elegantly put together (and well-designed) using my favorite materials that i had to show love for it! P L U S–> you can dress UP or dress DOWN with these pieces…and that’s true beauty right there! haha.

>> thanking alex & Flair for letting me showcase their special t-shirts created only for special ladies: camille.ions << 😉

check out the interactive (complete with video & everything!) flair website at: FLAIR





2 thoughts on “[Flair]’s exclusive t-shirt collection makes camille.ion girl [shine]

  1. Denise says:

    So simple and so elegant. Very nice

  2. Lorena says:

    That’s really a simple and amazing idea at the same time! Wow

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