obsession du jour: beyonce’s new line of [temporary] tattoos

The diva of all divas: Beyonce & her lovely mama [tina knowles] have teamed up with airbrush makeup brand ::temptu:: to create an edgy new line of temporary tattoos! Remember Chanel’s [spring 2010] incredible display of birds & pearls tattoos? Well keep that in mind and dream further with a darker [hard rock] design version that is beyonce’s new line!

So what does the [house of dereon] have to offer in terms of tattoo designs?? –> a fleur, bolts and chains, jewels, and spiders. (and i sure do hope that –that super [sick] tattoo of the dark vertebrae on her back, pictured in the last pic, will be available for us to buy!)

The line will launch: November 1st so get yourselves ready, Camille.ions! How outrageous would it be to have an open back tee, (or dress) with incredible temporary designs covering our revealed skin!>!>!       i.       can’t.     wait!!!!

>> to join the waiting list (to be emailed when the designs are in.stores)                           click: Dereon & Temptu <<


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