youngest [camille.ion]: kezia.m writes mini-poem “clothes everywhere”

camille.ion’s youngest member [so far] is my (almost) 10 year old sister: kezia.m[arie]. She is not only my certified photographer with a natural talent behind the lens, but also my assistant manager when it comes to all-things camille.ion! I’m tellin’ ya, she is not your average [little] sister. She totally understands what i am trying to do here and that’s how i automatically knew that she was a natural camille.ion—no lessons required!

Kezia decided to write a mini-poem for today’s post. Here it goes:

Clothes, Clothes, everywhere

Some for me and some for Ken
And often worn by mother hen (someone who takes care of everything and everyone)
I like sweat shirts, hoodies and shoes
You may like dresses, or skirts in blue
Clothes are very useful to wear, but sometimes they can mess up your hair

i ❤ her! Isn’t it cute?, and it most likely only took her a few minutes to write! ps. check out her photography skills by clicking the link above, (if you haven’t already!)



One thought on “youngest [camille.ion]: kezia.m writes mini-poem “clothes everywhere”

  1. Denise says:

    Thanks – Melo
    I’ll be sure she gets a chance to view the blog when she gets home from school.

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