chelsea.sutrisno: designs perfect [all-black] collection with camille.ion girl in mind

For my fall 2010 collection, I wanted to do an all black collection. It’s just simple silhouettes with interesting details.        – chelsea

meet: chelsea.sutrisno

originally from LA but now based in the Big Apple: New York City. Chelsea has launched her [incredible] all over black collection for fall 2010. I think i have finally found my “go to” designer to feed my outrageous [craving] for all things black! Her fall 2010 collection is sleek, sophisticated yet a little edgy and certainly unique! –> just the way we like it! It was as if she designed the collection thinking about what a camille.ion girl would [wear] for a night out to party or even a crisp, well-tailored blazer to wear to the office! (hello?, did you not read the headline to this post?? haha.) This awesome designer has [definitely] covered all the bases for the [ins & outs] of the life that is: camille.ion

My favorite dress? is–> this one (well, the arrow should be pointing downwards, hehe)

its a [one-shouldered] dress with a mesh strap, a cut-out twist back, [invisible] pockets and a zipper opening!       what.      is.       not.      to.      love!?!?!?!?

wanna know the designer’s pick?? Its always interesting to find out which one is their favorite! Here it goes –> (she even tells you WHY!)

Personally my favorite design is my Bryant dress. I think it’s very versatile dress. You can wear it go out and you can even wear it to work. I think the only thing that you need to do is to accessorize correctly! – chelsea

so camille.ions! whats the verdict?? we LOVE it, don’t we? To check out the rest of the collection & buy online click: chelsea.sutrisno

>>thanking chelsea for a mouth-watering collection<<


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