camille.ion’s [new] best friend: jewelry designer [lilah.gabriel]

camille.ion + lilah.gabriel = BFF forever! (remember saying that when you were a little girl with your childhood best friend??) Well, im bringing it back and making it [ultra] cool again because this hip jewelry designer [duo] is worth rambling on about over and over again. Im so crazy about them that i have provided [our] conversation together just so that you can get to know the innovative jewelry design [savants] yourself!

meet :: lilah. gabriel ::

Its a jewelry brand duo with the amazing skill of [marrying] both fashion and jewelry together creating the ultimate accessory. Each one of their jewels, is [meticulously] crafted with the most unbelievable, [even, out of the ordinary] materials that you wouldn’t think to find in a necklace or bracelet. What i treasure the most is how you can [truly] see the time, craft, and skill in each and every design. This designing pair are true artisans in my book!

camille.ion: Who/What is Lilah Gabriel? [lilah.G]: LilahGabriel is a marriage of jewelry and fashion, literally and figuratively.  The line is designed by Jason and Jessica McMahon, husband and wife. Jessica is an accomplished fashion designer and stylist having worked in both New York and Texas. Jason is an incredible and detailed jewelry designer with over 10 years of experience. He has designed custom fine jewelry pieces for a multitude of high end clients.

camille.ion: What is your personal connection with jewelry? Why be a jewelry designer?
[lilah.G]: Our personal connection with jewelry is very interesting.  Jason has been designing fine jewelry for many years while Jessica has been designing and styling clothing and accessories.  By combining both of these passions and skills, a very strong connection to fashion jewelry has developed.  We look at every piece we design, as not just another piece of jewelry, but as the essence of our customer’s look or outfit.
To be a jewelry designer, or accessory designer, is amazing because we as the designers, are assisting in how someone expresses themselves.  It is an honor to be part of something so personal.

camille.ion: What kind of style would you say Lilah Gabriel has?
[lilah.G]: LilahGabriel’s style is a fusion of American streetwear integrated with European couture.  Edgy and delicate blended to perfection.

camille.ion: Where do you grab your inspiration from?
[lilah.G]: Our inspiration is all over the board.  From classical paintings, antique textiles and jewelry, to graffiti, animals/reptiles, and even camping stores!  We are designers, so we are constantly being visually stimulated.

camille.ion: How long does it take you to make a one of your designs?
[lilah.G]: The design process is the longest.  To design a new piece, we sketch, create and then have to perfect it.  We are also extremely strict about quality testing our pieces.  Each piece varies but the reproduction of a piece is about half to one/third of the time of creation.

camille.ion: What kind of girl wears lilah gabriel?
[lilah G]: LilahGabriel is for the girl who is confident enough with herself to make a statement.

camille.ion: AND, last but not least…
What makes you a camille.ion girl? 🙂
[lilah.G]: I, Jessica, am definitely a Camille.ion girl!  I have big dreams, big experiences, and big style.

i know my camille.ion [amie]’s are itching for more–> to check out the rest of the collection & shop online click : Lilah.Gabriel


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