camille.ion [votes] for upcoming photographer:

[she’s a camille.ion] has voted for talented photographer, marisha camp. Being a friend of a friend, i have just been exposed to the [raw] photographic skills that this artist has to offer. In the modern times that we live in filled with [excessive] photoshop…it is becoming harder to distinguish who’s a [true] photographer and who’s not–> and [] has our vote for being incredibly gifted with her camera lens capturing for us, the beauty that is our reality.

The collection of images (you may view more with the link that i have provided below) that camille.ion has voted for is called “The Beach”, and this is what marisha has expressed to us about this series:

by Marisha Camp
Set along the coastline that borders the fading amusement parks of New York’s Coney Island, The Beach is, at first glance, a series of portraits of the people who flock to these shores seeking respite from crowded apartments and sweltering city streets. A colorful wonderland on a hazy summer afternoon, Coney Island is an escapist’s dreamworld as it is simultaneously gritty and urban and real. All but forgotten by those who can afford to vacation elsewhere, the landscape and character of this beach are threatened by development and ignored in debates about blight and eminent domain. But stop by any Saturday in August. This is no graveyard for lost dreams- the beach is vibrant and alive.
The kindness and generosity I encountered as I walked along the shore was overwhelming. I was invited onto towels and blankets and offered endless amounts of food and beer. In a city where we must be guarded and private and competitive to survive, the beach stands in my memory as an ephemeral paradise of sharing and warmth.
Everything dies, summer fades into autumn, and soon we will barricade ourselves against cold and wind in our cozy little bunkers, but the beach will live in my heart forever.

ok, fellow camille.ion’s take a moment and view the rest of  “The Beach” storyline and tell me that its not [out of this world]!!



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