online EXCLUSIVE & interview:[maison de dauphine] A/W 10 collection

:: maison de dauphine :: an [one the rise] design house focusing on womenswear that prides itself on [individualism]. This is what really got my attention to feature this designer. and of course, it also helps that im obsessed with every long coat, sheer blouse, and leopard all over cape that [maison de dauphine] has to offer!

camille.ion is having the [honor] of being the first to showcase (online, that is)….maison de dauphine’s autumn/winter 2010 collection! –> and I am beyond excited about it. Above, are the [top 5] looks that i loved from the AW10 lookbook!


me and head designer of [dauphine] : jayant.kumar–> got to have a little chat about him & the collection.

camille.ion: Your [inspiration] for the AW 10 collection?

jay.K : jean baptista´s obsession of obtain a smell for human emotions. I wanted my collection to imbibe a wearers individuality. expression of emotions though silhouettes, colours and shapes. transparency to keep the onlooker intrigued but the the truth hidden.

camille.ion: the [story] behind the name of the collection…

jay.K: “significant others” : name depicts the collections initial origins. it was taken from stylish people i know or i cross by whilst running around looking for inspiration. something truly wearable but customized through my own perception of styling any look.

camille.ion: what is your creative [process] like?

jay.K: excruciating, tiring , rewarding, I usually go through a lot of phases though my process. the usual frustration of finding that one spark. development which i love the most and you start to see the collections structure, silhouette, shapes, final stage is never something I have come across. I believe a collection can never be finished, a painting can never be to perfect without possibilities of improvement. but you got to learn when to stop.

camille.ion: why do you think a [camille.ion girl] would like your designs?

jay.K: thanks to some people like the camille.ion girl who would like to make sure that they are not even found dead dressed like a tart my brand exists. I design for regular individuals with irregular taste and impeccable styling sense.

Check out the rest of the collection at: maison de dauphine

<<special thanks to maison de dauphine for this opportunity>>


One thought on “online EXCLUSIVE & interview:[maison de dauphine] A/W 10 collection

  1. Denise says:

    Love the article – thanks for the insight. Photo #3 is my fav.

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