camille.ion’s new shopping playground: []

It’s always nice to meet [fantastic] people who feel the same way i do about fashion. And it makes me really excited when i see the [evolution] of online boutiques that are featuring new generation designers with fresh ideas offering us [eye-popping] designs! Lila.Boutique, owned & founded by my sweet new friend [lilia.mateyk], is an upcoming online e-commerce site that will be specializing in upcoming designers both from the UK and internationally–exactly what camille.ion’s search for and ultimately, [devour] for their own enjoyment!

“LiLa Boutique is a one stop shop for fashion forward, confident females that are tired of the homogeneity of the High Street, fast fashion and of wearing the trend in exactly the same way as half the country. Our aim is to introduce to the UK customer and to international shoppers, new and exciting on trend designer fashion and accessories from all over the world. That’s why we are always on the look out for better established brands from abroad and emerging designers, who fit into our Studio concept, such as Kamola, Anna Coroneo and Anya Wilkinson (which will be available at our e-boutique soon). Ultimately, we want everyone to feel like LiLaBoutique is a virtual extension of their wardrobe.” – lilia (founder of

Even though the is still a baby..(just like camille.ion) –> the site has some promising potential and definitely should be on your [watch list] of great things to come! Of course, i spent [too] much time on the site (contemplating what to buy!) and made my “final decision” with these 3 key pieces…at least to start off with! haha

all i can say is:      i.      love.     it!

When talking to lilia–i asked her why [camille.ion]’s would shop at her boutique and this is what she told me: because everything is done by one passionate camille.ion for other camille.ions! from researching the designers to including personal handwritten ‘thank you’ notes to each and every camille.ion!

what else is there to say? Lilia, say no more…we are already there!

Check out her online boutique at: LilaBoutique


2 thoughts on “camille.ion’s new shopping playground: []

  1. Lilia says:

    Thank you so much Melo! I’m very honoured to be featured on your blog, it’s inspiring and reassuring to meet people with the same mindset and take on fashion! camille.ion forever! Lilia xxxx

    • it was totally my pleasure, Lilia! and i cannot wait to do more collaborations with you & the in the future—> hopefully with the camille.ion line as well!
      I am sure we will be in touch no matter what! anytime you need me…im just an email away! 🙂

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