a [camille.ion] distorted design: worn in action

incredible.             incredible.         incredible.

You guys all know Juanito, camille.ion’s #1 [camille.ion guy]! Well, yesterday he gave me a BIG surprise by taking pics of the shirt i had created, or [manipulated] rather for his birthday last month! I screamed out LOUD when i saw the shirt on him–i mean, this style is exactly what i envision when i think of camille.ion and the [type] of designs i want to offer.

[story] of the Tee: i had originally made this shirt for a menswear shooting. (its an ed.hardy shirt XXL) i decided to [shred] the back to give this tuxedo tail persona. took off the sleeves for a [rock-ish] type of feel and wrote the word: “fake” on it…even though it was rEAl!! What i love: is how juanito added the extra ink marks to the front of the tee–it gives an added [personal] character. its just brilliant!


2 thoughts on “a [camille.ion] distorted design: worn in action

  1. Melanie C says:

    that looks so cool! how did you do the back like that? awesome =)

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