camille.ion new [best] friend: butterfly twist’s pretty little [soles]

First word: Love.

Meet: Butterfly Twists [.com] , a [cleverly] creative UK-based footwear brand, founded by [emmanuel.eribo] , that has graced us with the “Butterfly Twists Pump”– a patented super unique fold-away shoe for ladies!

Here’s how it works: These ballerinas (sent from sole heaven by the way) can be [twisted] & reduced to a fraction of their original size so that we can easily carry them in our handbag! It gets even BETTER, the folks at [b.twists] have been so thoughtful that a drawstring (the original packaging for the flats) can be used to store our super [high] pumps in—when our sweet little feet have had enough of the [stiletto] torture!!

So fellow camille.ions, we no longer have to worry about storing our long flat shoes (taking up all the space) in our wonderful handbags anymore, thanks to Butterfly Twists.

I dont know about you, but I’ve already added a pair of their ballerinas to my list of things to [urgently] get. A bigger plus is that these pretty little soles are super affordable!

Go ahead bellas, treat your feet to some stylish comfort in a range of [fantastic] colors –> Click Butterfly Twists

Ps. When i asked the [creators] what they thought about camille.ion they said:

Your blog is funky, and has got something to it! [Btw], love your “shot of the day”



One thought on “camille.ion new [best] friend: butterfly twist’s pretty little [soles]

  1. Melanie C says:

    I want those! Every color I can get =)

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