[pooja]’s DIESEL paper handbag: no [stupidness] about it!

This post is courtesy of my [ultra] trendy amie, pooja.bahaar (and yup, this amazing lady does hail from the wonderful country of India.)

here’s my little secret of the day: im doing a master’s course with pooja here in Milano and there is not a day that goes by where i dont anxiously wait to see what handbag this stylish chick is carrying. ( i mean, seriously.)

This handbag du jour is from DIESEL named “for successful living”. What really caught my eye about this bag was the material–it resembles an old-fashion brown paper bag…(like remember, when we were in elementary school and our moms would pack our lunch with those easy to tear, brown paper bags? yup those are the ones im talking about. haha) HOWEVER, this cute bag is super sturdy (non-rip) complete with cargo brown straps and a zipper closure.        me.        likey.      alot.

::neway:: When i set eyes on pooja’s bag i automatically said “oh my gosh, how cool—i have to take photos of this”. So here they are. 🙂

Special thanks to pooja for letting me drool over her bag! ❤


One thought on “[pooja]’s DIESEL paper handbag: no [stupidness] about it!

  1. Will says:

    Hi there, I know this a total long shot but i thought i would give it a go anyway. I have my one year wedding anniversary coming up and….its paper. Do you have any idea where you friend got this bag?? I know its almost a year ago but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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