[Preview]: FAULT Magazine’s [Influential] issue Out Now!!

FAULT magazine’s issue #5 is FINALLY out and available to [us] now! Im so excited! As you probably know, i have been a [contributing] editor for the magazine for a couple of months now–> i first started writing for their online blog (you can click on the link provided on my homepage to get a feel for my work) AND then was asked to write a few pieces and conduct a few interviews for the print edition. [im finally published in print!..hooray!]

I know i may be a bit [biased]…but i love the magazine so much—the people who work there and the overall lifestyle of FAULT (what they represent). 

So i have provided you with a preview of what’s to be discovered inside of this issue. To buy a copy go to : http://www.faultmagazine.com/shop/ –> (the current issue is with Rupert GRINT on the cover)

im really honored to have had this [ongoing] opportunity to do what i [love] for FAULT. So, go ahead guys, CHECK it OUT! 🙂


2 thoughts on “[Preview]: FAULT Magazine’s [Influential] issue Out Now!!

  1. Denise says:

    Congrats!!!!! Now where is my copy?

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