indie [exposure]: accessory designer–>gemma.redux

I think i get a personal high when i discover upcoming designers for my own [personal] knowledge. I guess im always thinking, “why doesn’t everyone know about this designer, yet?” Well, maybe they [already] do know. but i didn’t….i mean, i do now…and now so do you! 🙂

meet. :gemma redux:

Actually, the designer’s name is Rachel Dooley, but i just like the name gemma so much–that we’re gonna refer rachel as gemma for this post. is this OK? haha. Neway, im in love with this designer who draws from all kinds of artistic inspiration. For her fall 2010 collection: its a contrast between chunky [almost industrial] metals paired with delicate strings of metal for the earrings, necklace and bracelets. This is where [contradiction] is a positive thing…otherwise i hate it!

Take a look!

“I like the contrast of industrial metals and high end jewelry, of thick chains and delicate natural stones, and the excess of massive pieces with too many stones, too massive on the neck or too long on the body.” -r.dooley


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