[shredding] & [safety pins] for menswear shooting.

Earlier this week i had a fashion [menswear] styling exam for school. These were some of the [materials] i had used for the shoot. What you see now is a creation or [manipulation] of me. 

Theme: a sort of “chaotic proper” –> with true inspiration coming from the typical (commercialized) [punk] concept (with its tears, holes, and imperfections) and somehow combining it with what it means to be punk today (at least according to me) which is being cultured, proper and [heck], even polite! –> ie. its not “f*@%*  you anymore, its Please & Thank you”

What i did?

There were 2 [solid] outfits. Both shirts were a result of celebration of imperfection however (from the waist down) –> my male model was prim and proper with tuxedo style pants and gray pinstriped trousers. oh and [and], even decided to add a little [bow tie]. Interesting, right??? or even completely chaotic and out of this world. If you even slightly agree…then i have done my job [as a stylist] correctly! hahaha.

I will post up the final shots of the menswear shooting in a few days! Really looking forward to you guys seeing it!

stay tuned.


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